responsibilities that this book carefully examines. APPROACH. First and foremost , Smashing is a book about JavaScript. Your knowledge of JavaScript. My Favorite Books. Contribute to thinkphp/nodejs-books development by creating an account on GitHub. Smashing JavaScript Everywhere. Guillermo Rauch. ISBN: Aug pages. Select type: Paperback. E-Book €

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Smashing JavaScript Everywhere equips you with the necessary tools to understand and its uses in developing - Selection from Smashing. with a simple API for embedding. Ryan Dahl saw the This technology was about running JavaScript in the server Smashing JavaScript everywhere. This book is available at quantity discounts for bulk downloads. For information the side of overscrupulous data-keepi SitePoint Full Stack JavaScript.

Setting Realistic Goals millisecond response time, 60 fps.

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Any longer than that, and the user perceives the app as laggy. Estimated Input Latency tells us if we are hitting that threshold, and ideally, it should be below 50ms. RAIL , a user-centric performance model. Because the browser needs time to paint the new frame to the screen, your code should finish executing before hitting the Be pessimistic in performance expectations, but be optimistic in interface design and use idle time wisely.

Obviously, these targets apply to runtime performance, rather than loading performance. Although it might be very difficult to achieve, a good ultimate goal would be First Meaningful Paint under 1 second and a Speed Index value under The former is the earliest point after the main content has rendered where there is at least a 5-second window where the page is responsive. The latter is the point where the page can be expected to always be responsive to input thanks, Philip Walton!

We have two major constraints that effectively shape a reasonable target for speedy delivery of the content on the web.

To achieve the goals stated in the first paragraph, we have to consider the critical file size budget for JavaScript. Opinions vary on what that budget should be and it heavily depends on the nature of your project , but a budget of KB JavaScript gzipped already would take up to 1s to parse and compile on an average phone.

On a middle-class mobile device, that accounts for seconds for Time-To-Interactive. We could also go beyond the bundle size budget though. Tools such as Calibre , SpeedCurve and Bundlesize can help you keep your budgets in check, and can be integrated into your build process.

Performance budgets should adapt depending on the network conditions for an average mobile device. Stick to your environment for building, be it Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Parcel, or a combination of tools.

Among the build tools, Webpack seems to be the most established one, with literally hundreds of plugins available to optimize the size of your builds. Getting started with Webpack can be tough though. Both of them are great introductions for diving into Webpack. Webpack Fundamentals is a very comprehensive 4h course with Sean Larkin, released by FrontendMasters. Webpack examples has hundreds of ready-to-use Webpack configurations, categorized by topic and purpose.

Bonus: there is also a Webpack config configurator that generates a basic configuration file. Use progressive enhancement as a default. Keeping progressive enhancement as the guiding principle of your front-end architecture and deployment is a safe bet. Design and build the core experience first, and then enhance the experience with advanced features for capable browsers, creating resilient experiences.

If your website runs fast on a slow machine with a poor screen in a poor browser on a sub-optimal network, then it will only run faster on a fast machine with a good browser on a decent network.

Choose a strong performance baseline. With the performance bottlenecks moving away from the server to the client , as developers, we have to consider all of these unknowns in much more detail. The first render tends to warm up a bunch of lazily compiled code, which a larger tree can benefit from when it scales. The second render is basically an emulation of how code reuse on a page affects the performance characteristics as the page grows in complexity.

Evaluate each framework and each dependency. Now, not every project needs a framework and not every page of a single-page-application needs to load a framework. It might sound obvious but worth stating: some projects can also benefit benefit from removing an existing framework altogether. Inian Parameshwaran has measured performance footprint of top 50 frameworks against First Contentful Paint — the time from navigation to the time when the browser renders the first bit of content from the DOM.

You could examine your framework candidates and the proposed architecture, and study how most solutions out there perform, e.

Baseline performance cost matters. According to a study by Ankur Sethi , "your React application will never load faster than about 1. Your Angular app will always take at least 2. The users of your Vue app will need to wait at least 1 second before they can start using it.

In exchange, your team gains maintainability and developer efficiency, of course. But this consideration needs to be deliberate. A good starting point is to choose a good default stack for your application. When building a web app, look into the PRPL pattern and application shell architecture.

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The idea is quite straightforward: Push the minimal code needed to get interactive for the initial route to render quickly, then use service worker for caching and pre-caching resources and then lazy-load routes that you need, asynchronously.

PRPL stands for Pushing critical resource, Rendering initial route, Pre-caching remaining routes and Lazy-loading remaining routes on demand. Have you optimized the performance of your APIs? Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

Rauch G. Smashing Node.js: JavaScript Everywhere

Start Free Trial No credit card required. JavaScript Everywhere, 2nd Edition 6 reviews. View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description Learn to make more efficient apps, with just one language! Read more. Product details Paperback: Wiley; 2 edition September 4, Language: English ISBN Tell the Publisher!

I'd like to read this book on site Don't have a site? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention introduction to node well written highly recommended code samples great intro example code great book use node excellent book bought this book book gives good node really book really good book node book examples javascript errors errata mistakes.

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This book gives good background on Node. However, everything good about this book is negated by the numerous and obvious errors in the example code. These mistakes are really inexcusable considering how basic they are. It's almost as if they were written in a rush and then nobody double checked them later. The mistakes were so bad, I returned this book for a refund.

I don't recommend downloading this book - there are many better alternatives. This is actually a well written book that is easy to follow, it just seems to be getting a little old. Many of the npm modules have changed since the book was published so if you just install them, chances are they wont work without modifying the code.

If troubleshooting is your way of learning, that may not be a bad thing but for me it was frustrating, I just wanted to get up to speed quickly so I could start using it. If an updated version was released with the latest code, it would be a great book. That book covers just about everything you need to consider when designing and building a Node project and uses current modules.

One person found this helpful. Paperback Verified download. There is a bit of raving about node and Javascript all about. I have learned a lot and have not mastered anything. Mongo DB, Express. This book has been a great beginners look at Node. I have moved up a level to this book most recently: There's some good gems in here. If you are really new to programming, this book will be fine.

I was looking for something a little beyond the docs.

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It's hard to write a book to the general audience so please forgive my criticisms. For sure though, there are mistakes and typos.

Wrong headings, a link to an image url where the image didn't display hello? The book and page quality is good.


Node is just so new, it's going to be a while for a definitive book comes out that is of high quality. The book is really well written. Very few errors in it.Because Mocha executes only one test at a time at any time, it knows to link any uncaught exceptions that are captured through pro- cess. Both of them are great introductions for diving into Webpack. Launched in , PWN has established itself as the leading SME conference call provider, with millions of customers being supported by a dedicated global team delivering the highest quality audio services.

Testing asynchronous code By default, Mocha executes one test after another immediately. If troubleshooting is your way of learning, that may not be a bad thing but for me it was frustrating, I just wanted to get up to speed quickly so I could start using it.

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Every decision has performance implications, and the project would hugely benefit from front-end developers properly communicating performance values to the whole team, so that everybody would feel responsible for it, not just front-end developers.