Personal and Behavioral/Situational. ▫. Behaving right in an interview. ▫. Key Points. SECTION 2. Interview questions and answers on: Enterprise Java. ▫. J2EE . Top 50 J2EE interview questions & Answers. 1) What is J2EE? J2EE means Java 2 Enterprise Edition. The functionality of J2EE is developing multitier web-. Advanced J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers or Experienced Pdf. This interview section questions contains a brief introduction to the Java.

Java J2ee Interview Questions Pdf

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Java/J2EE Interview Questions( Questions). We are providing the complete set of Java Interview Questions to the Java/J2EE. Developers, which occurs . 7) How would you produce PDF output using XSL's. 8)What are the steps to. Download J2EE Interview Questions and Answers PDF. Java / J2EE Interview Questions and Answers Check our new Java Interview Questions Search. SECTION 2. Interview questions and answers on: Enterprise Java. ▫. J2EE sheets) files, Java Script files, pdf files, image files, html files etc from direct access.

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Collection Framework. String Handling.

Exception Handling. IManages the execution of applets.


Consists of a Web browser and Java Plugin running on the client together. It manages the execution of enterprise beans for J2EE application. Enterprise beans and their container run on the J2EE server. The framework events of a J2EE component's existence.

Each type of component has defining events that mark its transition into states in which it has varying availability for use. These applications provide an information infrastructure for an enterprise.

An enterprise information system offers a well-defined set of services to its clients. These services are exposed to clients as local or remote interfaces or both. Examples of enterprise information systems include enterprise resource planning systems, mainframe transaction processing systems, and legacy database systems.

Answer : An entity that provides enterprise information system-specific functionality to its clients. Examples are a record or set of records in a database system, a business object in an enterprise resource planning system, and a transaction program in a transaction processing system.

What Is Enterprise Javabeans ejb? Answer : A component architecture for the development and deployment of object-oriented, distributed, enterprise-level applications. Applications written using the Enterprise JavaBeans architecture are scalable, transactional, and secure.

Answer : Defines the queries for the finder and select methods of an entity bean having container-managed persistence. What Is An Entity? Answer : A distinct, individual item that can be included in an XML document by referencing it.

An entity reference can also reference an entire document, an external entity, or a collection of DTD definitions. What Is Entity Bean?

Core Java - OOPs Concepts: Initial OOPs Interview Questions

Answer : An enterprise bean that represents persistent data maintained in a database.You can even write a script to automate those stuff. Answer : An application developer who produces enterprise bean classes, remote and home interfaces, and deployment descriptor files, and packages them in an EJB JAR file.

For example, servlet is created and has its init method called by its container before invocation of its service method by clients or other servlets that require its functionality. In Inheritance there is only one object in memory derived object whereas in Compositionparent object holds references of all composed objects. Association is a relationship where all object have their own lifecycle and there is no owner.