MODE ONE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. This endeavor would have never happened if it were not for the support of my late father, Clarence R. Currie; my mother. MODE ONE: Let The Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking by Alan Roger (PDF, ePub, and site). Paperback, $, + $ shipping & handling. Alan Roger Currie - Mode One Notes (#1) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. psichology.

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Author: Alan Currie; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded: times; Alan Roger Currie - Mode One (copyrighted book, review only). Mode One: Let The Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking by Alan Roger Currie examines The "Four Modes Of Verbal Communication" used by men in. in conclusion, that was one of the best ebooks that I've read on the subject of dating and relationships that.

BB bill or a cashier! All of the stuff you! If your goal is to become wealthy If your goal is to lose weight and improve your physi2ue I never said that the! I don! I spelled out my primary emphasis in my previous response. A' If you haven! As I said once already as well I became ultra-confident as a result of "onsistently e.

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Initially I didn! If you notice I don! All I! If I was I wouldn! Any author or guru who says things li e "I guarantee if you read my boo or watch my you will be having se. I thin both are a mista e in the long-run.

from collected by WiRAHA

If you read my boo you! I mean she has absolutely no attraction for you whatsoever. I rarely if ever harshly critici,e men who have fre2uently e. And that is such bullshit.

Alan Roger Currie - Mode One Notes (#1)

Anytime I get the impression that a woman is only loo ing to share my company for the sa e of a free lunch free dinner free concert and etc. I now for a fact: ost women won! I tend to! Fntil she proves otherwise I will always approach a woman with that assumption.

I said it in one other thread: I! I wrote a post on here telling how one time I had two women ready to have a threesome with me I hate small tal. And I replied that I don! I was tal ing to two women while they were waiting on a ride. If you go out to a social event loo ing li e a man who! I always tell men: There is never a! I used to e. Classic e. All of them are former strippers.

A close friend of them tells you that neither one of these three women li e "conservative prudish" type men.

by Alan Roger Currie

If you say something that arouses them in the right way you might find yourself having se. GM chance those women aren! Is she cool7 Is she a complete bitch7 Is she a manipulative type7 A gold-digger7 Attention :hore7 A cra,y psychotic drama 2ueen7 I want to first feel that out. All of this tal about! I was over my best friend! I wish I could! All you did was tal about -rated action in a porno movie. I love a woman who loves to fuc after dinner I 1ust love to fuc though.

Misogyny is an extremely disgusting frame to come from. What true story said is ON point!

It's the upfront, straightforward and unapologetic behavior that gets them excited. For further explanation read PIMP: Story of my life by Iceberg slim. David X I just want to add that a good companion to mode one would be DavidX.

It is in the same vain and follows ,generally speaking, the same philosophy of unapologetic upfront and straightforward honesty.

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What people forget is to add diplomacy and empathy to their radical honesty, so they end up just sounding "crass and crude". Mode one and Davidx can also be romantics and use diplomacy and empathy in their approach to male-female relations. Join Date Mar Gender: Age 35 Posts I just got a copy of site.

It isn't bad but nothing new realy. Join Date Jan Gender: Age 37 Posts I liked this book in that it showed me the mode I was in and how that was getting me good friends but no romance. I like the idea of mode 1 but the author fails to explain how to really go about doing it.

How do you just straight up tell a girl you want her? Also it seems that kind of ruins the whole notion that girls want what they can't have, and the cat and string theory. If you just straight up tell a girl you are in to her, it seems to me she'd lose interest.

That said, I think you need to rather than tell a girl you are into her, show her through non verbal communication, kino, winks, etc etc.

I dunno, I have a hard time figuring it out. I'd recommend the book, but I just wish we were told moreso how to be mode 1. Location Seattle Age 38 Posts This book seems really interesting.

I can attest that my best successes with women have come from interactions where I behaved in a way similar to the "Mode One" male described here. I have a question let me know if this thread is the wrong place. I hesitate to come out and say that before sex because of the guideline I mentioned above. This is not very "Mode One"-ish of me, it affects my ability to be assertive and lead the interaction, and the result is usually that sex never actually happens.

Check out Davidx he gives you examples on what type of small talk you need to have with her She wants to "tame the badboy" so to say. When you tell her I want an LTR before even doing anything sexual with her, you may telegraph that you do not have other women in your life and that you fall too easily in love.

Once she has this , she's got you, she winned you over and it fulfills her ego. I rarely give them exclusivity but I do not discard the possibility of it happening in the future.A phone number is nothing more than a means of communication. Can eat them every day.

If I want to!

I never want to do that. Sure enough I was too!

Does that work for you? If I find you handsome charming and se.. And I stand firmly behind that..

Your cocky behavior caught me off guard, and I acted like a bratty bitch.