Sign in. × PDF Drive offered in: English. A Collection of mostly South Indian Recipes Samosa - Bawarchi, Indian Food Recipes, Indian Cooking Recipes. South Indian Recipes. 2. About the Author. I am Vaishali Parekh, a resident of Kolkata, India and a Graduate. Nutritionist. My passion for health and nutrition and. South Indian Cuisines of Andhra are the spiciest in all of India. Generous use of Chili and Tamarind make the dishes tangy and hot. The majority of a diverse.

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Uploaded by: CRISTIN Page 1. Indian Food Recipes 1. Aloo Palak. Mysore Pak (South Indian Dish). A complete South Indian spread served traditionally, with love and care, on a In fact, in South India, serving food is considered as much an art as cooking. South Indian Dishes. For Senior Group. Page 2. Ingredients: gms rice. gms broken black gram. ½ tsp salt. Oil to fry. Filling (Masala): gms onion.

Each Indian state has its own unique pandora of flavours and ingredients. Even the spices they use are their own concoction and made from scratch: dhansak masala , panch phoron , garam masala , chicken tikka masala and many more. Indian food has a few distinct characteristics that make it 'truly desi'; Its generous use of spices like ajwain , dalchini, cloves , black cardamom , star anise , dhania and tamarind. Its affinity for marrying flavours and most importantly its array of addictive street food.

Crisp pani puris, mind-blowing papri chaats and steaming hot aloo tikkis. We hope you enjoy making them as much as we've enjoyed putting them together 13 Best Recipes Of India 1. Rogan Josh It is one of the signature dishes of Kashmir. Robust with varied spices, the dish is cooked with the aroma of fennel seeds, garam masala, bay leaves, turmeric and is indeed a celebration of all senses.


A delicious dinner party option, Rgan Josh can be best paired with butter naan or paratha. Warm your dinner table with this hearty Rogan Josh, straight from the Kashmiri kitchen! Butter Chicken This gorgeous plate is the reason every Punjabi takes pride in his food. Chunks of chicken marinated overnight in yogurt and a beautiful mix of spices, served with a dollop of melting cream or butter on top.

A perfect dinner party recipe, this North-Indian style chicken recipe is made throughout the country with equal zest. Butter Chicken was invented in the kitchen of Delhi's famous Moti Mahal restaurant years ago, yet it continues to win hearts even today. Bhapaa Aloo A stunner of a recipe, this one gets the Bengali flavours just right.

Bhapaa is the Bengali word for steamed and this bengali recipe is exactly what it means. The humble potato tossed in local flavours of panch phoron five spice powder , coconut paste and mustard oil, steamed to perfection. You can simply say this is a vegetarian version of Bhapaa Maach, just the fish has been replaced with baby potatoes. Simple yet satisfying! Bhapaa Aloo is the quintessential bengali recipe with the aromatic five spice powder generously used.

Banjari Gosht Experience authentic Rajasthani flavours with this exquisite blend of yogurt and juicy mutton pieces.

Jains never eat meat of any sort, and many don't eat onions, potatoes or garlic either, while many Buddhists also prefer a vegetarian diet.

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In fact, it might be best to let others order an Indian meal unless you know everyone's religion, or unless you're only ordering vegetarian dishes that everyone can eat like potato and cauliflower aloo gobi or a simple dish like dal that only contains lentils and spices.

Using the fingers to eat is common in India, and foreigners are welcome to eat this way too. But if you eat with your fingers, you must never touch the food with your left hand.

Hold it between the fingertips of your right hand or scoop it up with a piece of flatbread. Try to eat without putting your fingers in your mouth or licking them. Wash them instead in one of the small bowls of water on the table. Appetizers Even though Indian meals aren't normally served in separate courses like European meals, many Indian restaurants now list their dishes in this way.

3 BEST South Indian Breakfast Recipes - Idli - Dosa - Medu Vada - Healthy Breakfast Ideas

They offer traditional Indian snack foods as appetizers. These can include deep-fried pakoras of various kinds such as vegetable pakoras and cheese-filled paneer pakoras. Paneer is an Indian cheese similar to cottage cheese, and if you see this word in a dish's name it means it contains this cheese. Other popular snack foods now served as appetizers include deep-fried bhajis and samosas of various kinds, some with a meat filling and others with a vegetable filling. Many Indian restaurants also serve kebabs as an appetizer these days.

Main courses Most restaurants in India serve main course dishes from one region only, but Indian restaurants in other countries usually serve dishes from both North and South India.

North Indian dishes include many that came from Mughal cuisine like korma in which meat or vegetables are braised with yoghurt or cream, and many that are cooked in a large clay-pot oven called a tandoor. These include roasted tandoori chicken and a dish called chicken tikka in which marinated pieces of boneless chicken are grilled on a skewer inside a tandoor oven. Have you tried Mangalorean chicken curry?

Chickpeas Chickpeas — you know them! Tamarind Doing a fish curry? This is the ONE then. Take it out the shell and soak it in a bit of water — then add the water and tamarind to the sauce. Nice and tangy! Garlic Pretty sure you know this one…!! Onion And this one! Cardamom Cardamom is used a lot in sweet dishes — but also a good pilaf is often made with these!

Saffron Strings of saffron are said to be more valuable than gold!! So, if you want to eat it add it to delicious rice dishes like biryani.

Get a few strings of saffon and grind them up in a pestle and mortar. Add a few more strings and do NOT crush these.Cardamom Cardamom is used a lot in sweet dishes — but also a good pilaf is often made with these!

Cauliflower Kurma. These melt in the mouth kebabs are simply delicious and makes for a great snacking option.

Coorgi cuisine is very distinct from the other regional cuisines of Karnataka, much like their culture. Kozhi Milagu Kuzhambu.

Mangai Thokku. South Indian cuisine South India. Related Articles:. Chickpeas Chickpeas — you know them! These can include deep-fried pakoras of various kinds such as vegetable pakoras and cheese-filled paneer pakoras.